Monday, May 18, 2009

How to Overcome Fear and Develop Courage

Rena Williams wrote an interesting piece. She says that developing the habit of courage may perhaps be one of life's greatest challenges. On the other hand, fear is considered and always will be the greatest enemy of man kind.

There are two types of fear. First, the emotion of fear, which is a natural emotion that we all have. Then there's a reality of what we fear, which is what leads to much of our stress, anxiety, and unhappiness in life.

Once the habit of courage is developed within us, along with rock solid self-confidence, new possibilities begin to open up for us. Just imagine for a moment what you would be, do, or have if you were not afraid of anything. Your accomplishments would be endless.

If your courage hasn't developed yet, don't worry, the habit of courage can be learned. It is no different than learning any other skill such as reading, dancing, riding a bike, sewing, or networking. The pattern is exactly the same. We must work hard at diminishing fear while at the same time strive harder to build the kind of courage that's going to help us deal fearlessly with life's ups and downs.

Unfortunately, troubles in life is something we can't escape. Jesus said as long as we are in the world to expect trouble. Not only expect it, but to count it all joy. He overcame every obstacle, so can we. So, expect them and be ready to deal with them head on, with a knowing that you can't be defeated. When we approach our problems with this attitude it leads us to victory.

The starting point in overcoming fear and developing courage is to search out the root cause. More times than not, we will discover that it all started with an episode from our childhood. Childhood conditioning and experiences that led to fear of failure or fear of rejection. Many years of hearing don't, you can't, you shouldn't, no wonder we grew up thinking "I can't, or I have to."

Based on those fears alone we find ourselves afraid to do anything in life that others might disapprove of. Therefore we become paralyze with fear that hold us back from taking proper actions toward reaching our goals and dreams.

Knowledge is power. The more information we tend to know about a particular topic, the more courageous and confident we feel in that area.

Courage is resistance to fear or the mastery of fear, not the absence of it. We are all afraid of something. This is normal. The solution to fear comes with "how do you deal with it?"

You can begin the process by taking actions consistent with the behaviors of courage. I'm sure you have heard it said that the future belong to the risk takers not the security seekers. Have the galls to begin a process to overcome fear. Launch out, step out on faith. It takes courage to try a new thing or move out of your comfort zone. Especially when there are no guarantee of your success.

Action takes courage. The courage to endure, to persist and stay at it once you began. It takes courage to be on purpose with your goals.

The master of fear and the development of courage is essential for a happy and successful life. Taking action toward acquiring the habit of courage, you'll find that you will eventually reach the point where fear will no longer play a major role in your decision making. Then comes the confidence of knowing you can attain goals and challenges with calmness and self assurance.

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